Our camp planted SUPER PLOT PLUS this year for the first time ever. We loved it. The deer ate the rape in the mix very well and the clovers are still looking good.
- J.W., Madison County, MS
I bought one bag of EX-CALIBER mineral from a JIMMY SANDERS,INC. location, poured it on the ground at one of my old mineral sites and got more trail camera pictures of bucks in late summer than I ever have using my mixture. I went back and bought three more bags for other sites.
- T. L., Holmes County, MS
I wanted to let you guys know what kind of success we had planting OVER & UNDER peas and clover in the spring. I couldnt believe how easy it was to plant. as soon as it came up the deer were in it. when we would drive up in the truck, there would be deer standing there eating and it didnt seem to matter what time of the day. The only problem that we had was actually keeping the deer out long enough to let it grow. we couldnt believe how much grazing the plot took.
- K. P., Southeast AR

SUPER PLOT is the best seed mixture that we have ever planted.We have a lot of deer in our neck of the woods on the LA. side of the Mississippi river and they keep our plots grazed heavily. We planted and fertilized as recommended on the bag and the seed exploded out of the ground and never checked up. We decided to put a second application of fert. in late in December and that carried it through the spring. Great product at a very reasonable price.
- M. J., Northeast La.

I am writting to you in regards to all of your wildlife products. We started planting SUPER PLOT PLUS the first year it came out and loved it. We were hooked. After that, we found out you guys sell other wildlife products also. Our camp has planted several different seed mixtures over the years and we havent found anything that is as hardy as yall's super plot mixtures. This year we planted some of both (SUPER PLOT and SUPER PLOT PLUS) and we were amazed at the diferent plants that came up before bow season and gave us good foodplots to hunt early as well as late season. We also tried EX-CALIBER mineral mix and we feal like our bucks reached the maximum antler growth that they could in one season. We will continue to use yall's products and I will send pictures of the plots and bucks at our mineral sites.
- R. H., Southeast, AR

To whom it may concern,
I have a small tract of land and I struggle each year trying to keep deer on my place. I used DOUBLE BARREL round-up ready corn and soybeans mixture last summer and followed it in the fall with SUPER PLOT PLUS and I honestly can say that me and my daughter saw more deer this year than we ever have. Thanks for having the one two punch that I was looking for.
- P. W., Central, LA.
Hey Scott, I wanted to tell you that I planted SUPER PLOT PLUS this fall on a one and half acre food plot. I  want to tell you that EVERYTIME I went to the plot to hunt I killed a deer. I sent my wife and she killed her first deer with a bow. Hands down the best plots that we have ever had. By the way, the turkeys love it too.
-K. D., South, MS